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  • Squares for Warm Up America
  • Blankets for Project Linus
  • Hats and Scarves for Turning Point Shelter, Monroe NC
  • Chemo Caps & Turbans for Presbyterian Hospital, Matthews NC
  • Premie and Newborn Caps for Presbyterian Hospital , Matthews NC
  • Scarves For Mens Homeless Shelter
  • Operation Helmet Liner

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Many Blankets--All Made from the Heart

The fleece blankets for Project Linus continue to pour in and also the help to put them together.  Nancy showed up and lent her hand tying knots along the borders.  She was more than happy to do this.
Mint Hill Branch Library has been designated as a drop off location for all blankets.  Shelia who also attends the Project Linus meetings received the labels that are sewn to each blanket.  Phyllis worked sewing them to all the  completed fleece blankets.
There was plenty of sweet stuff and hot chocolate (those are snowman marshmallows) to keep everyone happy as they stitched.

Rita's McGnome sports a kilt and a super curly beard.  She keeps coming up with her own original designs and was more than willing to share how she made the beard, one of my favorite parts.  She would like to make them smaller as there are many more hours of labor on this size gnome. 
A different kind of yarn produced a totally different beard look.  The hat was upcycled from a boiled wool jacket.  The pointy boots were constructed the same way.  Rita's gnomes have bendable arms made possible by the wire she inserts as she fills them with fiberfill.  She has not named this one yet.

This is not Shelia's creation but someday she would like to be able to make one.  She was willing to pay $40.00 so she could reproduce it .  I'm sure she will.
She has learned much working on crochet hats and proudly showed this one she completed.
Janet received a very nice gift from one of her children.  On a recent trip to Alaska her husband took a beautiful picture which was made into a puzzle. The short row scarf she knitted made her very happy too.

Finally on my way out I snapped this picture of Jan reading and working with her hands.  There is no reason why you can't do two things at the same time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Stamping Lady - Surprise Visitor

  Carolyn has been working on this garter stitch scarf for a young person she knows. She specifically said this is for a young person, I would not wear this.  I'm not young anymore but I would love a fun scarf like this one.  It's made using yarn left over from other projects, using the garter stitch. To add whimsy she combines different types of yarn.
Jean is known for her beautiful afghans.  The other day, she ran into a friend she had not seen, who shared a reversible cables pattern. 

When working with patterns that consist of more than five rows, Jean finds it easier to write down all the rows on her books and to check them off as she completes them.

Janelle, a first time visitor concentrates and follows Jayne's directions to knit.  She looked very relaxed and enjoyed her session.  Carolyn and Anne sat closed by working on their knitting.  This was a good thing they told me to do after their workout at the YMCA. 

Ginger another first time visitor came well equipped with yarn as well as stamping supplies.  She found some new friends and shared with some of the ladies her love of stamping.

Ginger's stamping area drew the interest of some of the ladies.

Jan enjoyed very much her stamping experience. Jill followed her steps and also joined in the stamping fun.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So What is T-Yarn and Plarn?

Happy New Year to all

Upcycled Owls
2010 has arrived and the trend of being resourceful recycling and upcycling will continue to gain popularity.

According to Wikepedia "Recycling involves processing used materials into new products to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials." 

Upcycling on the other hand involves re-using non recyclable materials and finding a new purpose for them.

One of the ways people are creating upcycled items is by making yarn from T shirts; so T-yarn is simply yarn made from T shirts.  You can learn how to make this type of yarn here.

Fabric can also be used to create yarn.
Take a look at some upcycled items in this site : Sosorosey
She creates upcycled trivets and bowls from pillowcases.  Pretty clever lady.

To make plarn you simply use plastic bags.  Here's the link showing step by step how to make plarn.

A great resolution this year would be to continue to craft and create using materials we already have around the house.  In the process you will join the many who are working to decrease the amount of waste.  Some of the Stitch in ladies are already doing this.  Rita's gnomes outfits are made from upcycled wool.  She gets her wool from Goodwill.  Consider using ties made out of wool to create small softies as the one in the picture above.